There was a time when the three R’s referred to Reading, writing and arithmetic. Skills in these areas are needed to make it through life. Repurpose, reuse and recycle can be considered the new three R’s and doing these things can help save our planet from overflowing landfills.

    Repurpose items into things they were not originally intended to be. Take an old window sash and use it as a picture frame or use several window sashes and make a mini green house.

    Reuse items for the same purpose they were originally intended to be. The pedestal sink that was removed from the Victorian style home will look great in your redesigned bathroom.

    Recycle things that are no longer usable in any form. Take your old computer tower and monitor to an e-cycle drop off center so the parts can be dismantled and recycled.

    Buffalo Reuse was started on the principle of saving architectural gems and those household building items that were just too good to be sent to a landfill. There are plenty of people in Buffalo and its surrounding area to reuse these items.

    Our vision and mission statements say it all:

    Vision Statement:

    “The Buffalo ReUse Vision
    is of a thriving green community where people, materials and the environment have value and purpose.”

    Mission Statement:
    “Buffalo ReUse, Inc. is an environmentally committed organization that serves the community through collaboration, education and training,
    while promoting re-use, reclamation and recycling”